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Optimum tightening torque design

Tool for designing the optimum tightening torque in a bolted joint with PowerTorque LF KOTE 450, LF 450 R or LF Booster.

Optimum **tightening torque** design

Enter the overvoltage in the bolt and select the required lubricant, size and material of the bolt.

Screw parameters

Parametry matice

Need help with the calculation?

How does the calculator work?

1. Entering values

Enter input values such as bolt diameter, friction coefficients and other necessary parameters.

2. Tightening torque design

The calculator will calculate the optimum tightening torque that provides the necessary bolt tension in the mounting condition.

3. Load display

To verify the designed tightening torque, the load on the coupling in the assembly state is displayed.

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