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A comprehensive solution for the tightness of flanged joints

Based on the analysis of our engineer, we will design the most suitable solution for you and supply all the necessary material . The assembly of the joint will then be performed by our professional team Torque Service , equipped with Hytorc and Equalizer tools, and documented  by a tightening protocol.

Nabízíme komplexní řešení přírubových spojů se zárukou těsnosti. Na základě analýzy našeho technika Vám navrhneme nejvhodnější řešení a dodáme veškerý materiál. Montáž spoje bude následně provedena našim odborným týmem vybaveným nástroji Hytorc a Equalizer.

1. Analysis

The analysis of the existing equipment will be performed by our engineers on the basis of the information provided by you:

  • Operating parameters - temperature, pressure, medium, etc.
  • Dimensional parameters of the device - drawing documentation of the device incl. flange connections
  • Technological parameters of operation
  • Connection history
  • Other factors

If necessary, one of our specialists will come to see the device and consult the necessary parameters. The visit may also include the detection of hidden leaks .

2. Solution design

Based on the analysis, we will prepare a comprehensive offer for you.

  • Design of a suitable seal with regard to the required parameters
  • Calculation according to EN 1591-1 with proof of tightness
  • Professional installation

3. Delivery of materials

We will supply you with all the necessary material based on the design of the solution.

  • Seal
  • Fastener treated with fired POWERtorque LF kote 450

4. Professional installation

Professional installation of seals by a professional Torque Service team .

  • Preparation of the sealing surface
  • Controlled tightening on the basis of the proposed solution documented by a tightening protocol

5. Guarantee of tightness of the joint

We guarantee you the tightness given by the pressure test for:

  • Our proposed solution with controlled tightening of the flange joint documented by a tightening protocol

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