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Repeated leakage of flange connections

Flanged joints are key elements in piping systems and repeated leaks can compromise both safety and efficiency.

We offer products that can withstand changing pressures, extreme temperatures and chemical environments. By assessing the unique characteristics of your application, we design solutions that eliminate recurring leaks and reduce the need for maintenance.

Flange Management's expert team

For the most demanding operations, we have a department dedicated to flange joint leakage solutions. Because we have developed proprietary lubricants, we can also offer reliable tightening torque calculations, expert installation with tightening and a leak guarantee.

The synergy of our own sealing materials, lubricants, manufacturing and expert service team allows us to tackle even the most critical applications in refineries, chemical plants and nuclear power plants.

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Comprehensive solution

Comprehensive solution

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Flange seals

Flange seals

We offer flange seal cutting. Sealing plates, flange sealing tapes, ridge seals, metal and rubber-metal seals, RTJ rings, spirals.

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