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Pump service and repair

Pump service and repair

We provide complete and partial repairs of industrial pumps. We supply mechanical seals, spare parts for pumps (other necessary components) and rewind electric motors.

During the operation of rotating machinery (pumps, agitators, pumps, etc.) it is always crucial to ensure that there is no leakage of the medium, which fundamentally reduces the service life of individual parts. Such leakage can be caused not only by various design faults or deficiencies in the equipment itself, but also by a poor assessment of the nature of the medium being conveyed (temperature, viscosity, pH, redox potential, nature of solids, etc.).

How to repair a pump

  1. Joint evaluation of the situation (we offer removal and delivery of the pump).
  2. We disassemble the pump, determine the state of damage and propose the method and scope of repair.
  3. If the repair is not cost-effective, we will advise you on the choice of a new pump.

The repair itself generally includes

  1. Disassembly, cleaning (chemical, mechanical).
  2. Possible modification/refurbishment of selected parts (e.g. shafts/flanges).
  3. Fitting of spare parts.
  4. Assembly, surface treatment, diagnostics.
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