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Product line of seals for dynamic applications

POWERseal - seals for dynamic applications

A range of sealing products typically used in dynamic applications such as pumps, motors, hydraulics and pneumatics etc. Our range includes mechanical seals, o-rings, grommets, rotary bushings and more.

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POWERseal mechanical seals

POWERseal mechanical seals

We offer a complete range of mechanical seals for pumps from a variety of manufacturers such as Allweiler, Grundfos and many more.

POWERseal - Metal sealing rings RTJ

POWERseal - Metal sealing rings RTJ

The metal sealing rings are designed for high pressures and temperatures - they can seal joints with pressures up to 1500 bar and temperatures up to 1000 °C.


Seal types for dynamic applications


These are ring-shaped seals made of elastomeric materials such as rubber or silicone. O-rings are typically used in hydraulic and pneumatic systems to prevent fluid leakage between cylindrical components.


Also known as shaft seals or rotary shaft seals, they are designed to prevent oil or other lubricants from leaking from rotating equipment such as motors, transmissions, and pumps, while preventing the ingress of contaminants.

Mechanical seals

Used in rotating equipment such as pumps and mixers to prevent fluid leakage between the rotating shaft and the stationary housing.

Rotary bushings


Material range of graphite products


Material range of Teflon products


Material range of thermal insulation products


Material range of cork products


Lubricants product line


Product line of flat seals


Product line of seals for dynamic applications


The product line of sealing cords

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