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Our story

After the changes in 1989, Zdeněk Pokorný and his wife Kamila were looking for new business opportunities. Zdeněk Pokorný's experience with seals and similar products led to the establishment of a company in this field. The first deliveries of sealing products were made from an apartment in Brno.

Today, the company Pokorný, spol. s ro owns its headquarters with two large-capacity warehouses, a production facility in Hodonín and a team of more than 100 employees. Pokorný is a family company with the active participation of all family members. The strong values ​​of the founders emphasize professionalism, honesty, quality, innovation and long-term development.

The employees and the Pokorný family have a common goal. To be a reliable partner for all customers, to look for solutions for them, to provide services and products. Services that help ensure reliable industrial operations with lower operating costs and less environmental impact.


History and milestones of POKORNÝ, spol s r.o. (Ltd) Company


Founder of the company Ing. Zdeněk Pokorný was introduced to the Czechoslovak market as a sales representative of Union Carbide. His job was to market gasket material - expanded flexible graphite under the brand name UCAR GRAFOIL.


Establishment of Pokorny, spol. s r.o. Company as a continuation of the representation of the American multinational Union Carbide - today GrafTech. Pokorny Company represents this company to this day.


Pokorny Company took part for the first time at the International Engineering Fair in Brno.


Pokorny Company became a representative of the Austrian company Teadit.


The company has been awarded the ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Management Certificate.


The company launched its first series of graphite gasket materials for the production of flat gaskets under the name POWER®graf.


The company marketed its own series of expanded PTFE gasket materials under the name POWER®Flon These materials then became the foundation of many of the company's own products under the common name POWER®line.


The company took over the Gutes cooperative in Hodonín, where production was subsequently relocated. The cooperative was in due course incorporated in Pokorny, spol. s r.o. Company.


The company became a representative of the Rotork English company producing drives, transmissions and valve control systems.


In addition to Rotork's representation, Pokorny Company also expanded to Russian-speaking markets this year - Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.


In this year, the company moved to its own headquarters in Trnkova Street in Brno Líšeň. These premises have gradually became the logistics and manufacturing centre of the Company.


In conjunction with its own headquarters, which allowed for wider activities, the Company expanded its operations to the Hungarian market.


In this year, the Company expanded its activities by the POWER®torque division specializing in flange-related products and services:

  • Controlled tightening of flange joints
  • Manufacture of fasteners
  • Thread treatment with POWER®torque LF kote 450 dry lubricant


In 2008, Pokorny Company received a certificate entitling it to deliver materials and products to primary zones of nuclear power plants.


The POWER®torque division expanded its activities this year and transformed itself into a division called Flange Management. The division expanded by:

  • Training according to EN 1591-4
  • Professional seminars
  • Design solutions of problematic joints
  • Equalization


The premises in Brno Líšeň Trnkova Street expanded incorporating a new logistics and production centre.

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