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We have a rich history

We are a company operating in the industrial sealing market since 1992. Since its foundation, we can boast a rich history.

The first idea was born in 1989

After the revolution in 1989, Zdeněk Pokorný and Kamila decided to embark on a new entrepreneurial journey. Inspired by Zdenek's experience in the field of gaskets, they decided to start a company in this field. The beginnings were modest in their Brno apartment, from where they delivered products to their first customers.

Today we are a renowned company Pokorny industries s.r.o., with our own headquarters, warehouses and production plant in Hodonín. We are a family business with all family members involved with an emphasis on professionalism, honesty and quality. Our aim is to be a reliable partner to our customers, to provide quality products and to contribute to the sustainability of the industry and the reduction of operating costs.

As time went with us


This is where it all began

The founder of the company Ing. Zdeněk Pokorný was introduced to the Czechoslovak market as a sales representative of Union Carbide. He offered sealing material - expanded flexible graphite under the brand name UCAR GRAFOIL.


Founding Pokorný, spol. s. r. o.

Establishment of Pokorný, spol. s r.o. as a continuation of the representation of the American multinational company Union Carbide - today GrafTech. Pokorný is still the representative of this company today.


First trade fair in Brno

The Pokorný company participated for the first time in the International Engineering Fair in Brno.


We represent Teadit

Pokorný has become a representative of the Austrian company Teadit.


We have obtained ISO certification

The company has obtained the ISO 9001:2000 quality management certificate.


Our first Power®graph series

The company has launched its first proprietary line of graphite gasket materials for the production of flat gaskets under the POWER®graf label.


POWER®flon gasket series

The company has launched its next proprietary line of expanded PTFE sealing materials under the POWER®flon label. Together, these materials have since become the basis of the company's own product line under the common name POWER®line.


Production in Hodonín

The company took over the Gutes cooperative in Hodonín, where production was subsequently moved. This cooperative was later incorporated into Pokorný, spol. s r.o.


We have become a representative of Rotork

The company has become a representative of Rotork, an English company producing actuators, gearboxes and valve control systems.



In addition to Rotork, Pokorný also expanded into the markets of Russian-speaking countries this year - Ukraine, Belarus, Russia.


Own seat in Brno

This year the company moved to its own headquarters on Trnkova Street in Brno Líšně. This premises gradually became the company's logistics and production centre.


Expansion into Hungary

In connection with its own headquarters, which allowed for broader activities, the company expanded its operations to the Hungarian market.


POWER®torque division

This year, the company expanded its activities with the POWER®torque division specializing in flange joint products and services:

  • Controlled Flange Tightening
  • Production of fasteners
  • Thread treatment with POWER®torque LF 450 dry lubricant


Supplies to nuclear power plants

In 2008, Pokorný was certified to supply materials and products to the primary zones of nuclear power plants.


Flange Management Division

The POWER®torque division expanded its activities this year and transformed into a division called Flange Management. The division has expanded to include:

  • EN 1591-4 training
  • Professional seminars
  • Design of solutions for problematic joints
  • Exalting


Expansion of the premises in Brno

The premises in Brno Líšně on Trnkova Street have been extended with a new logistics and production centre.

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