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Production of fasteners - bolts and nuts. Wide range of materials. Drawing parts according to customer requirements.

Product description

Fasteners are an integral part of every flange connection. In order to achieve the necessary specific pressure on the seal, a sufficient axial force must be exerted by means of a bolt, bolt or threaded rod, which then ensures the deformation of the seal throughout its circumference and the resulting tightness of the flange joint.

Fastener Manufacturing

  • Clamp bolts according to EN 131520
  • Clamp bolts according to DIN 2510
  • Nuts according to ČSN 131530
  • Nuts according to DIN 2510
  • Fasteners according to ASME, BS
  • Drawing parts according to customer requirements


  • 12 050.6 a 12 040.6
  • 15 320.5 a 15 236.6
  • 17 248.4
  • 25CrMo4, 42CrMo4, 42CrMo5-6, 21CrMoV5-7 and others

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POWERtorque LF kote 450

POWERtorque LF kote 450

POWERtorque LF kote 450 is a hot cured lubricant. It minimizes the coefficient of friction and prevents seizing.

POWERtorque LF Booster

POWERtorque LF Booster

Homogeneous, easy spreading assembly paste suitable for lubricating any type of threads. It is suitable for any combination of thread materials for bolt and nut connections.

Flange management

Flange management

Based on the analysis of our engineer, we will suggest the most suitable solution and supply all necessary material. The installation of the joint will then be carried out by our expert Torque Service

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