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Protection of plant personnel - flange connection safety sleeves

Protection of plant personnel - flange connection safety sleeves

We can ensure the reliability of flange connections by active or passive approach.

The Active Approach is a systemic solution to flange joint leakage. It is the development of standards for the installation of flange connections.

The objective of developing standards for flange joint assembly is to achieve controlled reliability of sealed flange joints during their service life. The flange connections are professionally designed and have calculated tightening torques according to EN 1591-1 with proof of tightness. Subsequently, their controlled installation by trained personnel in accordance with EN 1591-4 for the installation of flange connections was carried out. Více na {#categorytitle}e}}68{{/categorytitle}}

A passive approach to protecting flange connections and fittings in the event of sudden failure is the use of Power®Seal EnviGuard safety sleeves. Flange and fitting safety sleeves prevent serious injury or death to employees who are in the vicinity of a media (e.g. steam) spout from a leaking connection. Safety sleeves are made in one piece and completely protect the flange joint or valve (outside of the valve control).

Safety sleeves can be divided into "soft" and "hard". They are made of special materials. The choice of the type of sleeve and its material design ( e.g. 100% PTFE, stainless steel,...) depends on the operating parameters. e.g. for chemical, EX explosive operation, media with high temperature or operating pressures.

The sleeves are tested for the first detection of media spillage, even with repeated use.

Installation and removal of the sleeves is easy. The mounting system allows for reassembly while ensuring the declared protection of the flanges.

Lanyards are used to secure soft material sleeves and locks or screw connections are used for stainless steel sleeves. For chemical plants, the sleeves are manufactured from 100% PTFE, including threads and tie cords, which are not subject to degradation due to media or temperature.

The sleeves are manufactured for standard DN PN connections or to order based on supplied dimensions. Some safety sleeves can be equipped with a media leak identifier, a drain hole, and can be in transparent or locked versions.

We will be happy to help you choose the right type of safety sleeve.

Sample of possible applications:

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