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Controlled tightening

As part of a comprehensive solution for the tightness of flange joints of the Flange management division, we have our own Torque Service group  consisting of experienced technicians and installers with many years of experience in assembling seals and tightening flange joints of pressure and non-pressure equipment.

Our people have the qualification of professional competence of personnel for the assembly of screw connections in pressure equipment in critical applications according to ČSN EN 1591-4 and other necessary training and qualifications for professional work.

The TORQUE SERVICE group has several special assembly cars at its disposal

The cars are equipped, for example, with state -of- the-art hydraulic and pneumatic Hytorc tightening machines of various sizes and capacities. To solve problems with non-coaxial flange connections, Equalizer hydraulic equipment is available to ensure alignment , opening or lowering of flanges.

The professionalism and experience of our Torque service group are a guarantee of the quality of the assembly in the form of the final tightness of your flange connections, documented by a tightening protocol .

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