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You will learn why it is important to see the flange joint as a whole and to know how its individual components interact.

Expert **online** seminar

Flange connection as a whole

We present the reasons why we have published 12 technical articles.


Individual factors

Explanation of the individual articles and what to take away from them.


Case studies

We will present specific case studies and our solutions.


Questions and Answers

We will answer your questions, which you will be able to ask via chat.


The webinar is delivered online via Google Meet

You only need a web browser to connect to the webinar, no application download is required. Just click on the "Join webinar" button. We will also send you a link to your email before the webinar starts.

Be part of our webinar

Participation in the webinar is completely free. You will learn which factors affect the overall tightness of a flange joint and we will present case studies.

After submission, we will send you a confirmation email with a link to instructions on how to join.

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