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Dry lubrication and galvanic isolation of fasteners in one

Dry lubrication and galvanic isolation of fasteners in one

In wet environments, where galvanic corrosion is most common, the lubricant must provide both insulating protection and suitable sliding properties.

POWER®torque LF kote 450 R is a dry lubricant that meets these requirements.

It finds its application e.g. in the water industry. Especially in the installation of flow meters that require repeated dismantling for calibration, see Fig.

It can also be used as part of a galvanically insulated flange joint solution for pipe routes where two dissimilar metal materials are joined.

Replacement of a check gauge with mounting insert on drinking waterReplacement of a check gauge with mounting insert on drinking water

POWER®torque LF Kote 450 R as part of galvanic isolation connectionPOWER®torque LF Kote 450 Ras part of galvanic isolation connection

POWER®torque LF kote 450 R

This is a dry lubricant which, thanks to its intercrystalline structure, penetrates the pre-treated surface of the material and forms a permanent, pressure-resistant layer (withstands pressures greater than 1750 MPa) that significantly improves friction while protecting the surface of metals from galvanic corrosion.

The POWER®torque LF kote 450 R is made up of two layers that are permanently anchored into the surface of the fastener thanks to the coating technology.

The bottom layer creates galvanic insulation protection while providing corrosion and chemical resistance.

The upper layer provides excellent sliding properties with a low coefficient of friction and high strength. The total thickness of the dry film, which can be applied to almost any metal surface, is approximately 20-30 µm.

POWER®torque LF Kote 450 RPOWER®torque LF Kote 450 R

The above sliding and insulating properties were tested and measured according to EN ISO 16047 and EN 60243-1.

Friction coefficient test.Friction coefficient test.

The graphs show a steady friction pattern in the thread and under the nut. The horizontal axis expresses the theoretical pressure in the thread pth, respectively under the nut pb, which increases during tightening. The curves show that friction does not increase with increasing load. On the contrary, it improves under the nut due to the sealing.

On the page {{#categorylink}}178{{/categorylink}}, users can calculate the required tightening torque for the lubricant POWER®torque LF kote 450 R themselves.

The result is the tightening torque ?u and a check of the bolt in terms of tensile stress σt [MPa], torsion τk [MPa] and reduced stress.

Example of displaying the result of the calculation of the tightening torque Mu. Example of displaying the result of the calculation of the tightening torque Mu.

Test of galvanic insulation properties according to EN 60243-1,ed.2.14:

Electrical strength Ep (kV/mm): 42,19 Resistance (GΩ): 23,5208 Breakdown voltage Up (V): 774

The POWER®torque LF kote 450 R prevents the transfer of electrical charge between two dissimilar metal materials (metal/stainless metal combination, cast iron/stainless steel, etc.).

Other key features include:

Temperature resistance: -73 °C to 149 °C. Corrosion resistance: ASTM B-117 and ASTM G-85 test > 2500 hours at 5% NaCl solution. Load: ASTM 2625, Method B > 250000 psi (1750 MPa)

More information on product detail: POWER®torque LF kote 450 R

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