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Training - flange connections

We provide training in accordance with EN 1591-4 Qualification of personnel to assemble bolted joints in pressure equipment in critical applications.

Training - flange connections

EN 1591-4 training

Special strain gauge flanges

Pressure tests

Misalignment simulation

Training for expansion

Training according to EN 1591-4

This standard applies to bolting mechanics, supervisors and responsible technicians who disassemble, assemble and tighten bolted joints** in pressure equipment in critical applications

The reason for the introduction of EN 1591-4 is the fact, based on long-term research, that human factors are responsible for up to 50% of flange joint leakage failures.

Training - flange connections

Training Centre

Our training center is equipped with audio equipment, modern technologies for theoretical and practical training. For example:

  • Special strain gauge flanges for demonstrating force transmission.
  • Flanges with all types of seating surfaces on which to perform pressure tests.
  • Pre-stressed piping for simulating flange misalignment and exercising expansion.

The training centre is located on the premises of our production plant in Hodonín. We will prepare a quotation for you based on the number of persons required to attend the training.

Training - flange connections

The aim is to convey information about new seal materials that have replaced asbestos, their significant impact on established assembly practices and the overall impact on the joint itself. The aim is also to elevate the work of the flange joint installer to the level of expert welders.

Training content

The basic qualification standard has 27 topics which can be divided into 4 areas:

  1. Seal material, its properties, leakage classes, seal deformation and others.
  2. Effect of lubrication , force transmission and fasteners. Tightening procedures, records and protocols.
  3. Tightening tools, tightening methods, work safety and leak detection.

Training outcome

The outcome of training for the installer is, among other things, a broader knowledge of the interactions acting on the flange joint and the ability to verify correct tightening. Graduates of the training will also receive up-to-date information on gasket materials, as well as detailed information on the effect of lubrication on the transmission of forces during tightening.

  • Increased operational safety
  • Smoother operation
  • Less downtime
  • Reduced costs

Certificate of Eligibility

The certificate is issued to all personnel upon successful completion of practical and theoretical examinations.

It is issued by a certified body for certification of persons (testing laboratory) accredited by the Czech Institute for Accreditation (CIA) o.p.s. according to ČSN EN ISO/IEC 1724:2013. This means that the testing laboratory carrying out the tests of fitters has been granted the following certificate by ČIA o.p.s. approved certification scheme (see list of certification schemes at www.cai.cz). The certification scheme is based on the EN 1591-4 standard, according to which the fitters' tests are carried out.

  • We are a certified workplace.
  • The training centre is equipped in accordance with the requirements of the EN 1591-4 certified training.

Period of validity

For 5 years - if two conditions are met, otherwise the certificate must be withdrawn:

  1. Has not had an interruption in work as a bolting mechanic of more than 6 months.
  2. There are no grounds for questioning his/her abilities and skills as a bolting mechanic.


For an additional 5 years after completion of theoretical and practical examination.

  • If he/she fails the test, he/she has to take the whole training again, including the final tests.

Thank you very much for the opportunity to attend this training, although my assumptions before the training were negative due to my long practical experience. Nevertheless, this training has enriched me with a lot of new knowledge and information about modern methods in the field of sealing and especially lubricating materials, as well as how to apply them in practice. I would also like to thank you for the simple and thus easy to understand explanation in the theoretical area and the evidence in the practical part. Thanks again and many more successes in this activity and in personal life to the whole team.

Hudák - PMaO s.r.o. Košice

Training dates

MonthCourse NumberDate
January1, 211-12 January, 24-25 January
February314-15 February
March4, 57-8 March, 22-23 March
April6, 74 - 5 April, 19 - 20 April
May8, 99-10 May, 24-25 May
June1013-14 June
September115 - 6 September
October12, 133 - 4 October, 18 - 19 October
November14, 157 - 8 November, 22 - 23 November
December165 - 6 December

We are providing Slovnaft a.s. with testing of (external) assembly workers who are to participate in the shutdown in 2019.

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