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Thermal insulation sleeves - reducing energy loss

Thermal insulation sleeves - reducing energy loss

Reduction of heat loss from technological equipment that is difficult to insulate by conventional insulation methods (valves, valves, flanges, etc.) can be achieved by using removable thermal insulation sleeves. These sleeves are capable of reducing energy losses by up to 80% and thus providing significant financial savings to the operation.

Thermal insulation sleeves are made to measure according to the dimensions of the specific equipment. The advantage of the sleeves is very easy handling, which is facilitated by fastening with Velcro, laces or buttons. The operator thus does not need any special equipment for fitting or removal.

The high-tech fibreglass-based materials from which the covers are made do not break even with repeated handling and maintain stable thermal insulation properties throughout their entire surface. These materials are water-resistant, non-flammable and can withstand highly corrosive chemicals. The materials also do not induce static electricity (R˂ 10 -⁶Ω) and are therefore suitable for explosion hazardous environments (EX). The heat transfer requirements of the equipment can also be taken into account for the material.

Example of reducing the energy consumption of a valve

Without insulation With insulation
Surface temperature 400 °C Surface temperature 50 °C
Heat loss 24 MWh/year Heat loss 1,9 MWh/year
Losses 8 640 CZK/year Losses 684 CZK/year
At the price of the cover of 230 EUR and the price of 1 MWh of natural gas of 15 EUR, the saving is 340 EUR per year. The return on investment is 8 months.

Other features and benefits

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