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Flat seal bender

The reamer is designed for cutting seals from soft materials. It significantly increases the productivity of work while maintaining the required dimensions.

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Product description

The bender is designed to cut seals from soft materials - rubber, asbestos-free sealants, expanded graphite plates including those with metal reinforcement and other flat materials.

The bender is easy to use. Significantly increases productivity while maintaining the required dimensions. It is low maintenance, portable, with the ability to be clamped in a vise or mounted on a workbench.


Weight: 6 kg Basic dimensions: 540 × 540 × 260 mm Material: mainly steel grade 11 Min / Max seal diameter: 40/500 mm

TYPE V1200

Weight: 8,5 kg Basic dimensions: 1070 x 170 x 260 mm Material: mainly steel grade 11 Min / Max seal diameter: 80/1200 mm

One spare disc blade is included with the bender. Spare parts: disc knife and support wheel.

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