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Rotary bushings

We supply rotary bushings that have a cutting-edge design and are manufactured using the latest manufacturing technologies.

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Product description

We supply rotary bushings that have excellent design and are manufactured using the latest manufacturing technology. Of course, strict inter-operation and output control in production is a matter of course. All products are tested. This exacting manufacturing standard guarantees the unique quality of each rotary bushing.

POWERseal RU products are pressure balanced. This ensures high reliability and durability.

Special types are capable of operating at:

  • High operating pressure - up to 450 bar.
  • High temperature - up to 315°C.
  • Circulation speeds - up to 20,000 rpm.

Rotary bushings can be designed with one, two or more inlets and are thus capable of handling multiple media simultaneously.


The most common applications for rotary grommets can be found in the paper, textile, rubber, steel, glass and many other industries. They are most commonly used to convey water, steam, hot oil, air, hydraulic oil, cooling emulsion, etc.

  • Machine tools
  • Printing machines
  • Paper machines
  • Rubber machines
  • Glass production
  • Metallurgical production, rolling mills, contilites

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