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Application of dry lubricant

Dry lubricant application

We have been applying POWER®torque LF kote 450 baked-on slip varnish for more than 10 years. During this time we have gained rich experience regarding materials, surface treatments and relationships between them. We apply the spraying process, called slip coating, in a technologically advanced production facility.

The result is a perfectly lubricated fastener that prevents choking - biting. This means that fitters have an ideally treated fastener that they no longer need to lubricate.

POWER®torque LF Kote 450

  1. Provides low and constant coefficient of friction over the full range of tightening torques.
  2. Achieves uniform transfer of tension forces throughout the circumference of the flange joint.
  3. It is permanently anchored to the surface of the base material, it cannot be displaced due to tightening.
  4. Resists high specific pressures on sliding surfaces.

*We regularly check the actual values of friction coefficients and force transmission in the bolted joint on special measuring equipment. We are also involved in comparing the properties of individual lubricants with each other on a long-term basis.

Compressive load resistance (in threads, under nut head) - ASTM 2625 Method B load > 250,000 psi (1,750 MPa). ASTM 2714 Method A wear > 300 minutes.

Friction coefficient test

Tested in accordance with EN ISO 16047, which specifies the conditions for torque and clamping force tests for fasteners.

Nominal thread friction.Nominal thread friction.

![Nominal friction under the nut.](/files/Products_nase/LF-Kote-450/LFKote-nominal- friction-under-the-nut.svg)Nominal friction under the nut.

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