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Self-adhesive flange tape made of multidirectionally oriented expanded PTFE.

Product description

Self-adhesive flange tape made of directionally oriented expanded PTFE. Lowest cold flow, highest creep resistance under load. Almost no width increase - also suitable for tongue and groove joints. Allows sealing of uneven and damaged flanges at the lowest possible tightening torque - high tightness.

  • Best compressibility and recoil spring ratio of all types supplied.
  • Suitable for wide flanges with uneven surfaces or higher surface roughness.
  • Due to their high adaptability and elasticity, these tapes are the optimum seal for enamelled flanges sensitive to tightening pressures.

Suitable for agitators, suction pipes, pumps, flanges with large diameters and unevenness, tank openings, enamelled flanges, large pressure vessels, tubular and other heat exchangers.

Dimensions offered

Width mmThickness 2.0 mmThickness 3.0 mmThickness 6.0 mmThickness 9.0 mm

Technical specifications

Minimum operating temperature:-240 °C
Maximum operating temperature:+270 °C
+310 °C for short periods
Maximum operating pressure:vacuum up to 200 bar
Compressibility:70 %
Reverse suspension:10 %
pH:0 - 14
Specific weight:0.7 +/- 0.1 g/cm³


Vlastnost Hodnota Jednotka
Operating temperature
-240 to 270 °C
Operating pressure null
0 to 200 bar
70 %
Reverse suspension
10 %
pH resistance
0 to 14 -
Specific gravity
0.7 g/cm³
Non-standard temperature Krátkodobě
271 to 310 °C

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